The philosophy of Puzzle Games

Learn about the different types of puzzle games and how they have evolved over time

Puzzle games is one of the most popular genres among people who play video games. Although puzzle games are not usually designed to capture your attention for several hours in a day, they come to present a unique style in terms of advancement, incorporation and preventing the player from “getting stuck” in the game.

Puzzle games vary in difficulty and in the amount of hours they require. It depends on the preferences of each player, you can find people who play 3 casual games of Tetris per day, or people who like to play Baba is You for hours.

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Types of Puzzle Games

There is a great variety of puzzle games. Some involve the player arranging pieces in the correct way, others involve a board with different challenges that the player must solve.

Puzzle games are generally easy to understand, being implemented in arcade units, video game consoles, and, most commonly, cell phones.

Traditional puzzle

The traditional puzzle games refers to the digital adaptations of the physical version, such as word games, numbers and others.

Logic games

Logic games tend to have consistent mechanisms throughout the game and to solve them you need to have reasoning skills. Some classic examples are Angry Birds and Cut the Rope.


This type of subgenre of puzzle games has characteristics similar to adventure or simulation video games and requires inductive reasoning to solve. The defining element is that you must explore and experiment with the mechanisms of each level in order to solve it.

Advances in Puzzle Games

Puzzle games cover a wide number of video game genres that revolve around solving them. For these games, problem-solving skills are required, including logic, pattern recognition, sequence solving, spatial recognition and word completion.

The varied theme of puzzle video games makes it a bit difficult to see trends and how they have evolved. However, one of the aspects that has evolved is the presentation of these games. Since their inception, most puzzle games were constructed as a series of unconnected puzzles. If you were looking for an elaborate story, yours would be adventure games.

The expectations of puzzle games were raised thanks to the launch of games like Portal, which combines the challenge of real time and speed in puzzle games. Or games like Braid, which invites players into a bizarre world while telling a story through its puzzles and scenery.

These innovative games found that there are always new ways to design a puzzle game, but at the same time, it cannot be too complicated. Every day, more puzzle video games are released that incorporate elements of other genres, or vice versa.

The last 10 years have inspired indie developers to work on puzzle games, creating a world around their puzzles. For example Gris, who develops a highly emotional story that captivates players just like his puzzles.

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