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Within this Policy you will find the following words that need to be defined from the beginning: GETA CLUB FZ-LLC: It is our Company responsible for this policy and for processing data, hereinafter, “GETA”, “we”, “us”. User: Natural persons OVER the age of 18 who make use of our products or services, or visit our platform Hereinafter “you”, “our users”. Platform: It is our Web platform . Hereinafter “platform”. Products and services: These are all products, services, video games, games offered on our platform. Hereinafter “Services”.


GETA informs that our services are NOT directed to children or adolescents under 18 years of age. IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 YEARS OLD, DO NOT USE THE SERVICES of the platform. If you are a parent or guardian who has discovered that your child has submitted personal identification, GETA will make reasonable efforts to delete the information from its database at your request. To request the deletion of your child’s information, please send an email to [email protected] taking into account the information required in Chapter Three final part. Only natural persons over the age of 18 will be our “USERS”.


What is the objective and scope of our policy?

Our Data Policy, hereinafter the “Policy” aims to help you understand “you as a user” OF LEGAL AGE, what information we collect through our; For what; What is the process of processing your data; What are your rights and the procedure to make them effective. All of the above, so that in a voluntary and informed manner you “user” grant your consent and allow us to process your data. Our Privacy Policy does NOT apply to:
  1. The information practices of other companies and organizations that advertise our services.
  2. Services offered by other companies or individuals, including products or sites that may be advertised within the GETA platform.
Please note that when you enter our platform, you DECLARE AND AGREE to know our Policy and to have informed and voluntarily consented to the processing of your data through the complete information that we present to you. So here’s a step-by-step and easy way to know everything you need to know:  

Who does our Policy apply to?

Our Policy applies to individuals, users of LEGAL AGE (18 years old), who use our products and services through our platform. Likewise, it also applies to employees, suppliers, contractors and any other data holders who have a business or contractual relationship with GETA.

What is the data protection regulatory compliance?

Our Policy complies with Personal Data Protection rules and regulations in accordance with the regions where we offer our services. So keep the following in mind: If you are a user located in the European Union (EU). Remember that GETA complies with the Data Protection Act – GDPR 679/2016, for being “responsible for treatment” or “controller” when collecting data from natural persons. If you are a user located in Panama.You should know that GETA is “Responsible for Data Processing” in accordance with the terms of law NO.81 of 2019 on Data Protection, and that it respects the mandates indicated herein.



What information do we collect from you?

The information we collect when you visit our platform falls into two categories: the first is “Personal Information”, which allows us to identify you, such as your name, and the second is “Aggregate Information”, information that does not allow us to identify you, such as the frequency of visits to our platform. At a general level, GETA collects public and semi-private personal data such as:
  • General and specific identification data.
  • Location data related to commercial activity.
  • Financial and credit data.
  • General data related to social security to confirm that you are of legal age and prevent fraud.
  • Personal data related to access to information systems: users, IP, passwords, profiles, clubs.
Here’s more details of the collected information: Personal information you provide to us. First name, last name, shipping or mailing address, personal identification number (issued only to persons of legal age), social security number, phone number, email address, voice and audio information when using audio features. Date of birth to verify that you are 18 years of age or older. Any personal information you choose to add to your profile, such as a picture. Personal information you may choose to submit to us through questions or comments, or other information through similar activities. Payment information: We may collect your credit or debit card number, Paypal username, Worldpay depending on the region you are in, subject to applicable laws. Likewise, this will depend on the eventual incorporation of a payment gateway in our platform. Information for creating your account on our platform: Username and password, jointly referred to as “account information”. Remember that the Terms and Conditions provide you with more information about the operation of your account, so we invite you to read them carefully. Information about your location: When you activate and configure your device with our platform, there is information we may collect about your location. The data we collect when you connect with us are:
  • Number of users and sessions
  • Duration of the session
  • Operating systems
  • Device Models
  • Geographic area
We also want to tell you that this process is developed in conjunction with Google Analytics, in such a way that the location information of our visitors is made every time the user enters our platform, in this case Google Analytics allows us to identify the country and the city from which our users come. Information about your devices when you use our services: Apps, devices, browsers. It is important that you know that our system may register some information of our visiting users from the different devices they use when they enter our platform, such as:
  • Timestamps, clicks, scrolling, browsing times, searches, referring / exit pages and in-game activity and interactions.
  • From your computer or device we may collect IP addresses, unique device identifiers, processing capabilities, manufacturer and model, language and other regional settings, geographic location, screen resolution, and other similar settings.
  • Your connection to the services of our platform, including details about the network and the software you are using, such as the type and version of the browser, the name and version of the operating system, the Internet provider and your preferences.
  • We may use technologies such as cookies and our own servers to help us collect and store this information, including log files. We explain this further in the section on How do we collect Information?
  • We use certain cookies, web beacons and similar technologies to automatically collect, store and read files on your device, this helps us understand how you use our platform and allows us to personalize your experience. The data belongs to our database and this in turn connects to the Google Analytics platform. These tools help us work to deliver our services to you more efficiently, as well as to capture usage information.
Here we define some terms that will help you better understand this part of our Policy:
  • Cookies: These are small pieces of information that the online services you use place on your device for maintenance purposes and identification of records.
  • Web beacons: These are transparent pixel images that allow online services to collect information about the ways in which you interact with them, for example, they tell us whether you opened an email or clicked on an advertisement. Other similar technologies include tags, scripts, local shared objects (e.g., Flash cookies), local storage (e.g., HTML5) and related tools.
  • Visitor: Literally refers to the user who accesses our platform, either through reference codes codes, some social networks or Google emails. We identify this type of visitor as the person who observes our platform without performing any action or activity.
  • Hit: These are the actions that are carried out within the platform when there is a landing page or also called a landing page to collect data from users. In other words, a visitor accesses a page with the tracking code installed, this Hit loads information such as: IP; Hit date and time; Browser version; Name of the page; For each new page accessed while browsing, a user can generate several Hits. This set of data sent by that same user is grouped into a session.
  • Session: Set of Hits generated by a visitor. As an example: you as a user can enter different services within our platform and perform activities such as shopping in our store, downloading applications or other activities, so in those cases we will collect your information. Otherwise, i.e., when you only observe but do not access any service, we will not collect your information.
  • We collect the data from the sensors of your device in accordance with the Google Analytics Policy.
  • We want you to know that a cache is a component of your mobile device that transparently stores data for record keeping purposes. Cache data identifies your mobile device. Most browsers and applications are initially configured to accept such data. If you prefer, remember that you can set your mobile device not to store this information while using our platform. Some features may only be available through the collection of such data. We may use such data to assist us in data collection and to track usage and trends to help us better serve you. We also allow third parties who have entered into confidentiality agreements to access such data in order to help us monitor the use of our platform to detect fraud or other activity that does not comply with applicable laws.
  • We collect information from the different devices on which you access our platform, such as computers, phones, connected TVs, tablets and other web-connected devices that you use and integrate with our products, and we combine this information among the different devices you use.
  • We may also collect specific data from our users such as:nuestros usuarioscomo:
    • General device information such as model, OS and orientation.
    • RAM and disk size.
    • CPU usage.
    • Operator (based on the country codes and network).
    • Radio/Network information (e.g. Wi-Fi, LTE or 3G).
    • Country (based on IP address).
    • Regional and language settings.
    • Signal strength.
    • Rooted or jailbroken status of the device.
    • Battery level and battery charge status.
    • Application version.
    • Application status: foreground or background.
    • Application package name.
    • Pseudonymized application instance identifier.
    • Network URL (not including URL parameters or payload content) and the following corresponding information.
    • Response codes (for example, 403 or 200).
    • Payload size in bytes.
    • Response times.
    • Duration of automatic traces.
  • Operating system, hardware and software versions, battery charge level, signal strength, available storage space, browser type, application and file types and names, and plug-ins.
  • Information about the operations and behaviors performed on the device, such as putting a window in the foreground or background, or mouse movements in the case of using the platform on a computer (which allows us to distinguish humans from internet bots or also known as autonomously operating robots).
  • Bluetooth signals and information on nearby Wi-Fi access points, beacons, and cell phone towers.
  • Information, such as the name of the cell phone operator or internet provider, language, time zone, cell phone number, connection speed, and in some cases information about other devices that are nearby or in your network.
Information about your activity on our platform: Taking into account that this information is aggregated and does not identify you, GETA collects, uses, stores and transfers this information. For example, information when you visit our platform, certain information is collected automatically. Such information could include your operating system, the site from which you linked to us (“reference page”), the name of the website you chose to visit immediately after ours (called “exit page”), information about other websites you have recently visited, browser type (software used to browse the Internet) and language, your site activity, and the date and time of your visit. In addition, we automatically collect certain aggregate information about your use of our Services. This information may include the telephone network associated with your mobile device, the operating system or platform of your mobile device, the type of mobile device you use, and the features of our Services that you accessed on our site. And it will allow us to know and measure whether you took an action in response to an advertisement we showed you on your phone or other device. Information from our partners Advertisers: App developers may send us information through our business tools, including our social plugins (such as the “Like” button). Our partners may provide us with information about your activities outside of our platform, including information about the device you use, the websites you visit, the purchases you make, the ads you see and the way you use their services. Likewise, we also receive information about the actions and purchases you make online and offline by third party data providers who are authorized to provide us with your information. The partners receive your information when you visit or use their services, or through external partners with whom they work. In order for them to provide us with any information, we require that all third parties have legitimate rights to collect, use and share your information. We share information with our partners as this helps us to store information, send marketing emails and provide player support services, assist in the research and analysis of our services, such as with research institutions, possible third party social media platforms or applications, which we allow to link to our services in order to improve the services offered on our platform more efficiently.

How do we treat the information that we collect from you?

Here are the five stages of the data we collect:
1)     Collection
In this first step, we obtain the data of our users respecting the principles and rights on data protection through our platform. Consequently, each personal data is processed after obtaining the informed consent of the user.
2)     Storage
The data collected by GETA are stored with physical, technical and administrative security measures, guaranteeing the principle of restricted access and circulation. The data collected may be stored:
  • Directly on the equipment of those responsible for GETA’s data storage processes.
  • In physical files, under information access controls.
  • On external servers run by third parties located inside or outside the country.
3)     Use and Purpose
The Personal Data processed by GETA has different uses, among them are:
  1. Provide customer service to our users.
  2. Respond to inquiries and complaints submitted by our users, authorities and non-exclusive third parties.
  3. Send administrative information to our users, such as changes to our terms, conditions and policies, as well as advertising information that we believe may be of interest to them.
  4. Ensure that our business operations comply with legal obligations in the place where the service is provided.
  5. Develop commercial activities that involve:
    1. Data analysis.
    1. Data audits.
    1. Identification of trends.
    1. Information security monitoring.
    1. Development, improvement or modification of our products and services.
    1. Validation of users’ ability to access or use our products and services.
    1. Expansion of our business network and scale of operations.
  6. Keep track and control of our users for the respective payments that are generated from or to GETA.
  7. Make reports from different areas of GETA in accounting, inventory, payroll, sales, financial, legal and similar aspects.
Among the purposes for which GETA justifies the use of the data are:
  1. To manage what is relevant for the development of GETA’s corporate purpose in order to fulfill the object of the contract made with the user.
  2. To allow the creation of an account and use our Services.
  3. To develop, test and improve our products with testing and troubleshooting and new products.
  4. To process payments from users to GETA for use of its Services or from GETA to users in any resulting winnings or situations (for example, when you make a purchase of a game membership).
  5. To use certain features of the Services and other information about the account and authentication; billing, shipping and contact details.
  6. To invite events and offer new products and services.
  7. Handle procedures (inquiries and complaints).
  8. Carry out promotional support through a virtual channel.
  9. Provide contact information to the sales force and / or distribution network, marketing, market research and any third party with whom GETA has a contractual relationship for the development of market research activities and their execution.
  10. Contact the user by telephone to carry out studies and/or confirmation of personal data necessary for the execution of the contractual relationship.
  11. Contact the user through electronic means – SMS, chat, email, video call to send information related to the object of the contract entered into with the user.
  12. Transfer personal data outside the country to GETA’s parent company to comply with communication strategies and anti-money laundering regulations that apply to it.
  13. Transmit personal data to third parties with whom GETA has a contract and therefore acts in compliance with a contractual object, taking into account the limitations that may apply.
  14. Transmit the required data to the authorities required by law in compliance with the regulation.
4)     Circulation
GETA communicates the personal data that processes to:
  1. The affiliates and branches of GETA worldwide for the purposes described in number 3.
  2. Service providers including but not limited to: website hosting, data analytics, information technology, infrastructure provision, customer service, email delivery, and auditing.
  3. To other companies with whom we collaborate with respect to particular products or services, including our co-promotion partners for products that we jointly develop and commercialize.
  4. For legal reasons data may be circulated to the authorities in the locations where GETA provides and offers its services following the processes required by the authorities. For example: (i) to comply with a legal requirement, judicial proceeding, court order or legal process delivered to GETA; (ii) to investigate a possible crime, such as fraud or identity theft; (iii) in connection with the sale, purchase, merger, reorganization, liquidation or dissolution of GETA; (iv) when we believe it is necessary to protect the rights, property or safety of GETA or others; or (v) as required or permitted by law, including GETA’s contractual obligations.
Access, use, preservation or disclosure of information is reasonably necessary to ensure compliance with the GETA Terms of Service, including investigation of possible infractions; Detect, prevent or otherwise address technical, fraud or security problems; Protect from possible damage to the rights, property or safety of GETA, of our users or the public as established or permitted by law.
5)     Deletion
The deletion of data is done once the cycle for which the data was requested has been completed, or in cases where the owner requests the deletion of their data, as long as the law authorizes it. GETA has a Deletion Policy that complies with legislative standards and which also establishes the criteria for such deletion, data retention times, data expiration, complete and secure deletion, among others. As such, we store data until it is no longer needed to provide our services to you or until your account is deleted, whichever occurs first. Remember that the actions to be taken depend on the particular case taking into account the nature of the data, the reason for collection or processing, and relevant operational or legal retention needs. As with any deletion process, it is possible that tasks such as routine maintenance, unexpected interruptions, errors or failures in our protocols may cause delays in processes and periods.


GETA asks all its users and data holders for their free, prior, express and duly informed authorization to collect their data. For this purpose, we have suitable mechanisms to allow the verification of the granting of such authorization. This authorization may be recorded in any medium, whether a physical or electronic document, or in any format that guarantees its subsequent consultation, through technical tools, complying with the requirements established by law. This mechanism will always be clear in our platform.


We have implemented technical, legal, human and administrative measures necessary to ensure the security of personal data, protecting its confidentiality, integrity, use, and preventing unauthorized and/or fraudulent access. We have also implemented mandatory security protocols for all personnel with access to personal data and information systems. The internal security policies under which the holder’s information is kept to prevent its adulteration, loss, consultation, use or unauthorized or fraudulent access, are as follows:
  1. Personal Data Processing PoliciesDatos Personales.
    1. Confidentiality clauses in employment contracts
    1. Authorizations for data processing in the formats and spaces where Personal Data is captured.



What are my rights as a data holder?

Below, we have listed your rights and their contents for you to know:
  • Right of access. You have the right to obtain access to your personal data.
  • Right of rectification. You have the right to obtain rectification of your personal data without undue delay when such personal data is inaccurate or incomplete.
  • Right of cancellation. You have the right to obtain the erasure of your personal data without undue delay in certain circumstances, such as when the personal data is no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which it was collected or processed.
  • Right to restriction. You have the right to obtain the restriction of the processing that we carry out on your personal data in certain circumstances, such as when you contest the accuracy of personal data, for a period that allows us to verify the accuracy of that personal data.
  • Right to portability. You have the right to portability that allows you to easily move, copy or transfer personal data from one organization to another.
  • Right of opposition. You have the right to object to processing based on legitimate interests and direct marketing.

What is the procedure to exercise my rights?

We have designed a procedure for our “users”, “governmental or administrative entities in the exercise of their legal functions” and third parties that are not exclusive to submit their queries and claims. That is why we have provided the email [email protected] in the subject you must indicate the word CONSULTATION or CLAIM, as you decide, additionally, you must identify the following information:
  • Full names and surnames.
  • Type and number of identification.
  • Home address.
  • Contact phone number.
  • E-mail address.
  • The necessary information to process your request.
In case it is a CLAIM, you must attach the documents to support or prove your request. In case you are a minor, you must submit the request through a responsible adult, without at any time GETA denies the exercise of your rights.



Permanent measures

In the processing of personal data, GETA will permanently verify its processes, protocols, procedures and policies to guarantee the right to proper processing of personal data.

Binding of the Policy

All our “users”, employees, suppliers, contractors and any holder who has any commercial or contractual relationship with GETA must voluntarily abide by this policy and the internal manuals that may exist for its effective compliance. Compliance with the principles for the Processing of Personal Data GETA guarantees the principles of legality, purpose, freedom, truthfulness or quality, transparency, restricted access and circulation, security, confidentiality and other principles regarding the data contained in GETA’s databases.

Responsible for the Policy

We are responsible for this policy, GETA CLUB FZ-LLC is located at Premises No:ED 47. Ground Floor. Building 16. Dubai United Arab Emirates and our email address is [email protected]. GETA CLUB FZ LLC is a company incorporated under the laws of Dubai.

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