Classic Racing Video Games

Racing games have been on the market for years, how have they stayed relevant?

Racing games are video games that simulate vehicle racing, typically cars or motorcycles, although we have also come across games where the track is on the air or water.

Sometimes we see this type of game in the first person perspective but it is also common to see it in the third person. The objective is clear, to reach the goal before the others. Some of these video games even fall into the category of sports video games.

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Why are racing games so popular?

This type of video games has been on the market for almost 50 years. It is easy to see that these games are extremely popular and the developers love to release new games. But why are they so attractive?

1.There is something for every preference

From casual gamers playing on cell phones, to professional esports players with a racing simulator at home, these games are suitable for all gamers. Similarly, the list of games is very extensive. From arcade games to hyper-realistic racing simulations, there is something for every taste on your favorite console.

2.Racing games are addictive

Imagine driving on a tropical island at full speed, with a beautiful scenery to contemplate, feeling the cool breeze on your face. Although it is unlikely that you will race a car in real life, video games allow you to do so. They also provide pure adrenaline from having a timer, especially if you are playing with friends.

Another reason why these games are often addictive is because of the extras that the developers put into the game. Many games go beyond just reaching the final goal. There are achievements that you must complete, or the player can get points or tickets to improve his car, or buy a new one.

3.Simple rules

Racing games are very simple to learn to play or understand. They are non-violent, G-rated games, unlike competitive shooter games. In addition to the fact that rules are very similar to those in real life. So racing, whether you’re playing or just watching, is easy to understand and exciting even for inexperienced players in the genre.

4.It’s a modern sport

Esports are a real sport. There is a wrong image about who professional players are. They usually think of an unemployed man living in the basement with his mom, with pizza boxes and cans of energy drinks everywhere. But it is the complete opposite, professional esports athletes train in a similar way as traditional sports athletes.

In 2019, Porsche organized the Porsche Esports Supercup event with iRacing, a virtual racing series offering $ 100,000 prize money. It is clear that any participant with aspiring to win in said event, must be mentally and physically prepared to work in a professional manner.

Millions of racing games have been created in the last decade due to the transition from arcade games to new consoles. Now there are too many options to choose from, for sure there is something out there for you, regardless of your preference.

As you can see, there is a lot to love about racing games. It’s a very versatile genre, from realistic games to completely out of this world, depending on how the game was designed.

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