What do we do?

We have developed a platform with an algorithm that will allow you to match against players of a similar level to yours, which makes our tournaments fair and clean; fulfilling one of our most important missions, that anyone has the opportunity to win.



On our platform you can find many games where you can have fun while you compete.

Geta Coins

Geta Coins

The economy of our platform is based on Geta Coins, with them you can buy your passes to tournaments, virtual items, etc.

You will be able to participate in our online tournaments where you will compete for real prizes and recognition.


We organize multiplayer competitions of different video game disciplines. Any gamer can become an Esports champion.


We have created clubs, divisions, and leagues where you can play with all your friends and why not? Make some new friends.


Esports Platform

Enter in our Geta Club platform
Enjoy, play games while you compete
Win, exchange your Geta Coins for real prizes

Our Games

Joven de buso naranja
Hombre pelirojo barbado
Mujer hipster
Joven pensativa
Joven con audífonos
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